Saturday, July 11, 2009

How do you really know your candle smells good

I received my first set of candles from the company I decided to work with. UPS left a note on my door that they tried to deliver my package. I was so excited that I decided instead of waiting for them to attempt a delivery the next day that I would go and pick up my package. UPS is not far from me. So I drive over with my son (he's 12) and we wait in line for them to open the pick-up department. We go in and I get my box. He is so excited he wants to open the package in the car but I tell him to wait until we get home and we can open it with the rest of the family. Everybody is excited when we come thru the door. I also have my hubby and two girls age 7 and 19 months. My 7 year old is asking all kinds of questions about the box and my 19 month old is excited because everybody else is excited.

My husband gives me the box cutter and I open the box to check out whats inside. I pull out this 16oz jar candle and a smaller box with a half dozen votive in it. We could smell the scents as soon as I opened the box. There were more materials in the box but we could not get past the smells. They just smelled incredible and the kids were surrounding me like I had some new candy or something. I had not even opened to top to the jar candle or the small box yet.

I finally took the top off the jar and the scent filled the living room with this wonderful fresh clean aroma. Everyboby took a turn sticking their nose in the jar taking a deep breath and let the aroma fill their body. Even the tiny little miss kept coming back over and over for the rest of the night pointing to this jar for me to open it. She would stick her litle face in the jar and smell the candle. One time she had her face in the jar for so long that when I looked thru it she had stuck her tongue in it and was trying to lick the candle. It must have just smelled delicious to her. We all had a laugh about that. She must have tapped my leg 20 times before bed for me to open the top on this candle.

The best part and what made me know this candle smelled so good was the next morning. I got up and got ready for work and then got my 19 month old up so that I could get her ready for daycare and the first thing she did when she woke up was point to the candle jar on my dresser for me to open it and smell it.

This kid knows what she likes and she really likes this candle and the scent. That is how you know your candle smells good! Amazingly its a Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper scented candle.

I never would have thought it would smell that good.

You can get your own and share it with your family. You'll have memories to last you a lifetime too. I will never forget my baby liking the smell of this candle. The two older kids too they just walk up to the table pop the lid and take a smell.

If you would like to get your own click here

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